FNANO is a yearly conference on the foundations of nanoscience, maintaining the highest scientific standards and providing many opportunities for discussion and informal exchange of information and questions.  Key topics include experimental and theoretical studies of self-assembled architectures and devices, at scales ranging from nano-scale to meso-scale. Self-assembly is a central but not exclusive theme: the conference covers a broad range of research into synthetic and natural nanoscale structures, devices and systems.

FNANO spans many traditional disciplines including chemistry, biochemistry, physics, computer science, mathematics, and engineering. Information on the prior years’ Conferences on Foundations of Nanoscience can be viewed at the archive web site (FNANO04, FNANO05, FNANO06, FNANO07, FNANO08, FNANO09, FNANO10 FNANO11, FNANO12, FNANO13, FNANO14, 
FNANO15, FNANO16, FNANO17, FNANO18, FNANO19, FNANO20, and FNANO021.  The 19th Conference on Foundations of Nanoscience (FNANO21) will have a mixture of invited talks by distinguished scientists as well as contributed talks and posters and opportunities for discussions to enhance attendee interaction with the goal of creating vibrant intellectual community in the areas of nanoscience and self-assembly. (See Policy against Harassment of FNANO and sponsor ISNSCE.)

Special Session in commemoration of Ned Seeman

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of DNA nanotechnology by Ned Seeman, who laid the conceptual foundation for the field in his 1982 theory paper proposing that DNA could be used as a programmable structural frame to design synthetic objects and devices on the scale of nanometers. While we celebrate the exciting progress and achievements of the field, we mourn the loss of its founding father in November. This year at FNANO we will commemorate Ned with a special session with invited speakers from the field who will talk about their work and how Ned has influenced their career and science.

Sponsored by: ISNSCE 






Key dates

Abstract submission deadline:

18 February 2022

Registration deadline:

6 April 2022