Speaker Guidelines

Please find below further information on presenting a Keynote, Invited or Contributed Talk at FNANO 2022.

  • Keynote Talk: 40 minutes (35 + 5 minutes for questions
  • Invited Talks: 25 minutes (20 + 4 minutes for questions)
  • Contributed Talks: 15 minutes (12 + 3 minutes for questions)

The event will be hosted using the Zoom platform for talks and Microsoft Teams for posters, announcements, online chat and break rooms, and you will receive invitations to join both platforms shortly.

Presentations can be pre-recorded (with live Q&A) or delivered live and instructions for both can be found below. If you choose a live presentation, you may also upload a recorded talk as a backup.

Instructions for pre-recording and uploading your content (optional)
  • Please record your content using the software of your choosing. We recommend using Zoom to create a local recording, which is available free of charge and works on most platforms. You are welcome to use an alternative such as PowerPoint or any other suitable technology. 
  • Once your presentation is recorded, please login to the Teams site and upload your presentation to the relevant channel. This can be done by clicking on the channel name in the list of channels on the left hand side of the screen, and then selecting the Files tab and clicking the Upload button.
  • During your allocated time slot, the presentation will be played locally by the conference organisers. Please ensure you are online during this time. You may also choose to answer any questions which arrive into the live chat while your talk is playing. You will also have the opportunity to answer questions in a live session immediately after your talk, which will be facilitated by the chairperson assigned to your session.
Instructions for delivering content live
  • During your presentation you will be asked to share your screen with your slides. We also recommend turning on your video camera. If you are using software that enables presenter notes and you have a set up with two screens, you may wish to share one screen with your slides and use the other screen to refer to your presenter notes.
  • Please also upload your slides to the Teams site using the upload instructions described above at least 48 hours before your talk. Alternatively, please email a copy of your slides to claire.garland@iop.org by Wednesday, 6th April. Your slides will only be used as backup in case of poor connection, in which case the conference organisers will share your slides and advance them on your behalf.
  • The conference zoom address will be live two hours before the start of the meeting each day and for 20 mins at the end of each poster session to enable you to test your presentation.
  • After the presentation you will have the opportunity to answer verbally written questions received from participants via the chat and also to answer live questions from participants via video. This will be facilitated by the chairperson assigned to your session.

The sessions will be recorded and we intend to make presentations available after the event to all participants. If you do not want your presentation recorded or shared, please email claire.garland@iop.org

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline:

18 February 2022

Registration deadline:

6 April 2022